Memorial Day to Columbus Day

Wednesday Social, Fire & Ice: Adult Social Sailing is held every Wednesday evening during the sailing season. Beetle Cats and four club-owned Capri 14.2s and a Hobie Wave are sailed starting around 4.30 pm. All club members are welcome. Many members bring food and drink for after the sailing ends.

Keep in touch, all BRYC members are invited and welcome

Al members of BRYC are invited to participate in Social Sailing activities, which include raft-ups, Wednesday evenings, sail together, etc. If you want to know what Social Sailing activities are happening please subscribe to the email list by clicking the following link

After you subscribe you will receive, and be able to send, messages with other members of the group about what is happening within the social sailing group. You can adjust your settings so that you get a daily summary of emails, or emails as they are sent out, or you can opt to receive no messages and simply check by clicking the link when you want to.

Club Inflatable


  • co-ChairS – Deb Benassi and Francois Buisson
  • Bob Churchill – Mentor Coordinator
  • John O’Hara – Quartermaster
  • Julian Mallett – Senior Adviser
  • Terry Mallett
  • Cathy Roach – BRASS events
  • Sue Robb – BRASS events
  • Jim Walsh – Education coordinator
  • Joan Zeoli – Outreac