Do you need some help? Call BRYC

You and your boat are not in danger, but you need some assistance. Examples – you are having difficulty returning to the club, you have a broken essential piece of equipment or rigging

Contact the club and other BRYC boats on Channel 71

Are you aware of a Potential danger?

There is an urgent situation but not an immediate threat. Examples – a boat is drifting out of control, you are tangled on a mooring or lobster pot and present an obstruction to others

Notify boaters and request assistance on Channel 16 by making a Pan-Pan call

Is there a situation that others need to be aware of?

There is no current issue, but boaters need to be aware. Examples – large vessels entering a narrow channel will issue a warning on Channel 16. Examples – ferries entering the channel in Hyannis issue a Securite call to make boaters aware that they are coming through, a boater sees a large floating object that could cause a problem

Monitor and listen to Channel 16 for any warnings.

You have a serious and urgent emergency involving a threat to life?

This is only for serious emergencies and brings an immediate response from the Coastguard and other agencies. This is not to be used for minor injuries. Examples – life threatening health issue, person overboard who cannot be readily rescued

Make a Mayday call on Channel 16